1972 MGB GT      

Heritage Certificate   


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Restoration prep


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During restoration

I hope you enjoy these detailed photographs of my 1972 UK  MGBGT, restored to near original spec with a Heritage bodyshell.


I bought NWP 754K in 1977, to replace a 1961 Austin Healey frogeye Sprite, whose purchase had enabled me to begin dismantling the Morris Eight.  The MGBGT served as everyday transport for many years, until the need for a saloon car relegated it to a supporting role.  It soldiered on, undergoing the minimum of expenditure on repairs until the late 90s, when it became obvious that it was suffering from terminal rot.  Rather than despatching it to oblivion, it was decided to fully restore it with a Heritage shell and this work was undertaken with the great assistance of Geoff Whitehouse of Lower Gornal.


 Early MGBGT literature  


1972 MGBGT  literature


   1972 MGB Roadster literature 


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My objective has not been to produce a concours car, but to produce a car looking exactly as it did a year or so out of the showroom, going about its normal daily duties with a caring owner.   This is why, although I am a member of both the MGOC and the MG Car Club, I never display any badges!    If there are details about the car you would like to discuss with me, or you can point out possible improvements or changes I might make, I'll be happy to hear from you.

Rob Symonds

Bingham UK    




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