With acknowledgement to David Knowles and his book 'MGB' published by Bay View Books  ISBN1-901432-25-4

Recognising an early MGB is a common fascination among MGB enthusiasts.  These notes list the more noticeable changes made in the early years.

During 1962: Reflective front badges were replaced by a non­reflective type; the change point is unknown, but possibly occurred before full production.

January 1963 (car 5635) Screws and fixings for interior trim changed from chrome-plated to 'Florentine Bronze'.

January 1963 (car 5794) Windscreen assembly bottom rail modified so that rubber seal sat under rather than over the frame.

January 1963 (car 5813) Horns moved from the bonnet lock platform to engine bay valances.

April 1963 (car 10466) Stiffer aluminium introduced for the bonnet. lt may be that at this point (or earlier) the wooden internal reinforcement fitted to early cars was deleted.

May 1963 Deletion of chrome trim previously fitted within instrument cowl (barely visible in most contemporary photos).

May 1963 (car 11241) Bonnet prop clip replaced by a rubber stop.

January 1964 (car 28264) Finish of  'triangular' filler pieces between rear bumper and wing (to conceal the gap),change from body-colour paint to chrome-plated.

October 1964 Instruments changed from 'British Jaeger' to 'Smiths Instruments'.

October 1964 (car 49502) Construction of radiator grille simplified (but appearance is very similar).

March 1965 (car 56743) Radiators Branch pressed-steel fuel tank fitted.